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Quadrant Urethane Technologies 

QuadFoam 2.0

Spray Foam Insulation Advantages

QuadFoam is a two component, 2lb. Closed Cell Spray applied, Rigid Polyurethane Foam System. It is a non-pucturing air barrier, vapor retarder and also serves as a radon barrier. QuadFoam 2.0 reduces airborne dust, pollution and prevents pest infiltration. It passed AC377 (NFPA 286)  Appendix X without an ignition barrier.


  • Reduces Energy Consumption by up to 50%

  • High R-Value Per Inch

  • Prevents Air Infiltration

  • Prevents Moisture Infiltration

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality

  • Structural Properties

  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential

  • Contains No Urea Formaldehyde or Carcinogens


QuadFoam 2.0 is Specially Formulated For


  • Excellent Adhesion

  • Extreme Cold Substrates

  • Extreme Cold Ambient Conditions

  • No Pullbacks, Shrinkage, or Cracking

  • Can Be Sprayed in Three Inch Passes

  • Adheres to Concrete, Lumber, OSB & Steel

  • Reduced Gun Cleaning  - More Time Spraying

  • "Dry Fall Technology" Reduced Misting & Overspray

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• Proven track record

• On time and on budget

• Custom designs

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QuadFoam 500 Nature Seal is a two component, spray-applied, low density, open cell polyurethane foam that contains +-13% bio, renewable, recycled and sustainable content. It is Class1 rated and meets AC377 Appendix X requirements air without an Ignition Barrier Coating iin Attics and Crawl Spaces. Quad Foam 500 Nature Seal is EXCELLENT for Thermal Insulating, Air Sealing, and Sound Reduction! It is self adhering and provides a seamless building envelope, reduces air infiltration/exfiltration, dust, pollution, and pest infiltration. Quad Foam utilizes water for the blowing agent. It is designed for use in interior commercial and residential construction applications and is compatible with most construction materials. The spray characteristics are tailored for attic and crawlspace application.


  • Zero Flame Spread

  • Controls Air Infiltration

  • Reduces Energy Consumkption

  • Sound Suppression Properties

  • High R value Per Inch

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality

  • Reduces Energy Consumption

  • Zero ODP

QuadFoam 500 NatureSeal

Spray Foam Insulation Advantages

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