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We at B&B have been serving the Bakken region for over thirty years. We are your local builder with a support team and track record to ensure things are done safely, correctly, on time, and within budget.

By bbsteelbu4401775, Feb 27 2015 09:50PM

Adding a floor drain in your shop is very handy for the water that is melting off your vehicles or for washing something. A water drain will make sure that the water doesn't stay inside. Clean up is as simple as pushing the water towards the drain. Our concrete crew is knowledgeable in installing sumps. Stop by and visit with Jim to develop a design that will work for you.

By bbsteelbu4401775, Dec 2 2014 07:39PM

We at B & B Steel Buildings in Sidney, Montana are a Chief and Butler Steel Building Dealer. We are a one stop shop. We can custom design your steel building to fit your needs. Once that is done our crews will get to work on your building. We will have the electrical, plumbing & HVAC systems ready for you to move in and open shop on day one.

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